Stuff I missed from the weekend: Duron Harmon, Martellus Bennett and more

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Of all the weekends I was away from a computer for the entirety of it, it had to be this one. A lot of big news broke that is kind of old at this point, so I'll rehash it all in one post instead of doing them individually.

Duron Harmon caught with weed in Costa Rica

Obviously the most newsworthy given Harmon's stature with the Patriots. Harmon was caught with 58 grams of weed at a Costa Rica airport. He was sent back to the United States and was not arrested. The Patriots were made aware of the situation and haven't commented further. Harmon apologized yesterday on Instagram. 

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The Patriots' propensity for releasing players who do stupid things like this is well documented. However, Harmon is on a very reasonable contract (he will make $3.75 million this upcoming season) and is looked at as a leader. This may be a case where the Patriots keep him and discipline him internally and the fact that it's been a couple days since this incident and there hasn't been much said about it makes me think he's not going to get cut.

Martellus Bennett retires

Bennett announced his retirement over the weekend after 10 seasons in the NFL. A lot of people may look at this and not think much of it, but this makes me sad. I loved him when he was here and thought he was such a fun player to watch on the field and in the locker room. He was one of the most unique players to come through Foxboro during the Belichick era, which was interesting in itself because there haven't been a ton of players with eccentric personalities aside from Gronk.

It's also important to remember how big Bennett was as an insurance policy for Gronk in 2016. Had he not been there, I'm not sure the Patriots would have won the Super Bowl.

He tweeted that he will enter the "creative world" and focus on the Imagine Agency, his production company.

Robert Kraft flies Parkland students to D.C. on Pats' plane

The "March For Our Lives" took place this weekend in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. It was an anti-gun protest that came on the heels of the Parkland, Fla. school shooting a couple weeks back. Pats' owner Robert Kraft did his part to help and flew students and families from Majory Stoneman Douglas High School to D.C. for the rally on the Patriots' team plane.

No matter which side of the political sphere you're on and how people may feel about Kraft and the Patriots, great move by Kraft to do this.

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