New report suggests Rob Gronkowski will come back to Patriots despite rumored tension with Bill Belichick

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It's a story that just won't die.

Despite reports earlier in the offseason that Rob Gronkowski would be returning to the Patriots after considering retirement, nothing was ever confirmed by Gronk or the Patriots.

Once again, it is being reported that Gronk is "pretty certain" he'll be back in New England. However, there's an added wrinkle in all of this - apparent friction with Bill Belichick.

ESPN's Jeff Darlington reports Gronk wants to continue to play with Tom Brady but mentions the tension with Belichick has been ongoing. Darlington does note that things can be fixed between the two.

There have been hints of frustration on Gronk's part all throughout the offseason. Whether it was telling Danny Amendola to "be free," mysteriously tweeting motivational quotes or subtweeting reporters, there really is no shortage of clues that insinuate Gronk isn't happy right now.

On top of all of this, there are trade rumors surrounding Gronk. No matter how much a player denies it, trade rumors don't sit well with anyone. It may wind up being nothing, but this has to tick Gronk off at least a little bit.

The Patriots have won without Gronk before, but life without him would be difficult for everyone from fans to players to get used to.

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