Celtics coach Brad Stevens reflects on time spent with Bill Belichick

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The city of Boston, Massachusetts is a strong sports-oriented place that knows winning culture. It hosts some of the most successful coaches, players and franchises in the history of sports.

Two of those people are New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens.

Belichick has won five championships and made it to the Super Bowl eight times, while Stevens coached the Celtics to the best record in the Eastern Conference last year and currently has his team playing in the conference finals.

These two talented individuals were sure to cross paths at some time; and as it turns out, Stevens has made the trip over to Foxborough quite a few times.

In an interview with Cynthia Frelund of NFL Network, Stevens reflected on his time spent with Belichick and other Patriots’ coaches.

“I have taken advantage of going over there on a number of occasions,” Stevens said, “whether it’s sitting through OTAs, or practices, or meetings… whatever the case may be. And I got to know Josh (McDaniels) really well. Josh was kind of my conduit in there. I’ve watched him go through all the quarterback work, and the stuff that they do on the offensive side of the ball. To get a chance to spend time over there has been really helpful.”

“Their culture, the way that they move from drill to drill, how they pull together, how connected they are… it’s special,” Stevens continued. “And it does not happen everywhere. The one thing that the Patriots have always been great about is that they don’t beat themselves. And, you know, they pride themselves on that.”

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