Devin McCourty says brother Jason brings fresh perspective to Patriots due to tough times with Cleveland

Cindy Ord | Getty Images

Cornerback Jason McCourty’s professional career hasn’t been as glorious as twin brother Devin’s has.

Jason has never been to the playoffs and even went 0-16 with the Cleveland Browns last year, while Devin has made four Super Bowl trips and has been to seven straight AFC title games.

Seeing his brother go through all that adversity and those experiences, Devin believes that Jason will help bring a fresh, new perspective to the New England Patriots.

The Patriots traded for Jason back in March, giving the twins the rare opportunity to play alongside one another professionally. And at media availability earlier this week, the two had nothing but great things to say about one another.

“He brings leadership that I think we don’t have on this team,” Devin said of Jason. “He’s been on some winning teams, some losing teams, he knows how to deal with adversity. I think that's the biggest thing. We get in a routine, we've won a lot of football games, and it's always good to get a perspective of what it takes so you're not kinda getting worn down or thinking, 'We're working hard, this is too much.' You get a perspective from him of going 0-16. Like he always tells me, last year [with the Browns]: Worst year ever. I think hearing that motivates you, lets you know you're doing the right things and pushes you. So I'm excited to have him."

Although they’re twin brothers, their professional football careers have taken completely opposite paths. Jason has had to sit back and watch, while Devin has had a lot of success.

"When you don't make it to the playoffs and you're watching those games, I think there's envy in every game you watch," he said. "As you're watching other teams, whether it's Dev as my twin brother or maybe a team you beat throughout the season, or a team you came close to, or you just missed the playoffs, and they got in, and you watch them take the field on Sunday in those playoffs, there's definitely professional envy because you want to be there. That's what you train all offseason for. That's what the tough days in camp is for, to get to that postseason and be able to make your run. Super Bowls, you always want to be in that position as a player and as a team."

"For me," Jason said, "it's been exciting to be here in the offseason just to see how they train, what things they do, from talking to them over the years, for me to actually go through it and to show everybody I'm just as good as him, I've been excited."

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