Duron Harmon is giving his old number to Jason McCourty

Don Wright/AP

This could take some getting used to.

The Patriots revealed new jersey numbers for many of their new players. However, one of their veterans is getting a new number as well.

Safety Duron Harmon will wear No. 21 next season, which previously belonged to Malcolm Butler. This means Jason McCourty will wear No. 30, which he had in Cleveland, and recently talked about how the switch came about.


“It’s crazy,” McCourty said. “Me, (Devin McCourty) and Du, we all have the same agent. So our agent, we’re all in a group text, and he had said something about No. 30 like joking around. And Du was just like, ‘Yeah, you can gave it.’ And I was just like, ‘Seriously?’ And we were just talking, and he said he was already thinking about switching numbers. So, he said when the trade happened it was kinda like, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and do this.’ It really wasn’t negotiations. I just kind of was able to give him some form of a gift to be able to replace all of his family’s jerseys and anything, shirts or merchandise that his family has got with his number. I just was able to do enough so he could replace those things so he wouldn’t have to repay for any of those things.”

Here are numbers the rest of the newcomers will be wearing this season, according to the Patriots.

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