New policy regarding National Anthem protests looks lazy and messy

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If you thought the NFL and its owners would do something to clear up the National Anthem fiasco, you got it, sort of.

Instead of taking a firm stance on the issue, regardless if it's for or against the protests, the league and its owners decided to come to a "compromise," which is really anything but that. Like the new catch rules, everything with this is a mess.

This is basically taking the players' right to protest away from them, which many of them will understandably not be happy about. Roger Goodell claims to have spoken to many players on the issue, which he may very well have. But if he was going to take their opinions into consideration, this decision by the league and the owners doesn't reflect that.

The commissioner released a statement on the new policy just a short time ago.

The NFL has basically opened themselves up to have this be a talking point for all of next season and beyond. At times, the anthem protest debates became a bigger deal than the games themselves, which one would think would be an issue for the league.

Then again, the way they probably look at it, any press is good press.

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