The NFL really doesn't know what Julian Edelman tested positive for?


The NFL's incompetence isn't exactly a secret, but this is just special.

The league apparently has no idea what Julian Edelman tested positive for (and neither does he) but still suspended him for four games because INTEGRITY OF THE GAME!

From Albert Breer's latest MMQB on

I know what Julian Edelman posted on Instagram in the wake of the suspension news (“I don’t know what happened”) came off as a little weird, but there is an explanation for it. I was told Edelman’s result was triggered by a substance that wasn’t immediately recognizable, and there are scientists analyzing it. And as to the timing, the test did happen during the offseason (a couple months ago), which means it’s not for any kind of stimulant. You might remember the rash of players saying they got popped for Adderall—the rules have changed now so that offseason use of stimulants falls under the substances of abuse policy, rather than the PED policy.

So this is how it's going to work now? Edelman tested positive for something months ago and the league still doesn't know what it is? How can you go months without knowing? And how can you even suspend him if you don't know what he took?


The NFL changed its catch rule on the fly for Super Bowl LII and no one had any idea, and now it looks like no one has any idea what their rules are for banned substances. If this is something Edelman was taking to try to get back onto the field quicker, then I have no issue with whatever it is.

After hearing this, I'm starting to think that's what happened.

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