Julian Edelman's appeal has been unsurprisingly denied

Winslow Towson/USA TODAY Sports

Julian Edelman's appeal of a four-game suspension for using performance-enhancing drugs has been denied, according to multiple reports.

Though the NFL has no idea what Edelman took, which was part of his defense, the league felt it should still uphold his suspension because, ya know, integrity of the game or whatever. The other key point Edelman's camp made was that the league mishandled documentation and delivery of the test results.

If Edelman accepts the appeal, that obviously means this whole thing is over. But Edelman could take this to (gulp) court, which is something Patriots fans have absolutely no familiarity with...none at all...

So now because the league continues to show how incompetent it is, Edelman will miss a couple of tough games against Houston and Jacksonville to open the season. He has not played in a meaningful game since Super Bowl LI.

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