Wes Welker thinks Tom Brady’s absence from spring workouts may have benefited his receivers

Stephan Savoia | AP

Wes Welker and Tom Brady had an incredible run during their tenure together in New England, connecting on well over 800 passes and on incredible plays we won’t forget.

Welker has since moved on from those days, now in his second year as the Houston Texans offensive and special teams assistant, but he still keeps close tabs on his former team and TB12, himself.

Speaking at the Leonard Hair Transplant Associates media day at the Battery Wharf Hotel, Welker took some time to talk about Brady’s absence from spring workouts and how he sees it as no big deal. He even thinks it may have benefited Brady’s new receivers.

"What are you really teaching Tom Brady at this point?” Welker said. “And, you know, if you're worried about him getting on the same page with the receivers, that's really why you would have coaches. The coaches are really able to emphasize with those guys what they want them to do.”

“It's a really good opportunity for those guys to play together without Tom and kind of figure it out."

Welker knows that while Brady has been taking some time off, the quarterback is not taking time off from keeping himself in the best possible shape.

So while the veteran is away, the young guys will play – and Welker believes Brady and his new targets will have no problem when training camp begins next week.

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