Chris Gronkowski can tell his brother is frustrated with team’s recent struggles

Frazer Harrison | Getty Images

While the New England Patriots’ players are really good at keeping things under wraps and away from the media, it doesn’t stop others from talking.

Rob Gronkowski’s brother, Chris, called into WEEI’s Kirk and Callahan Show on Tuesday morning to express some frustrations and offer some insight into the Patriots’ recent struggles.

Chris says he hasn’t talked to Rob personally about what is going on with the team right now, but he can “just tell by his emotions, his facial features, that he’s super frustrated with it.”

“You can see at the end of the game how they ended the game double-covering him, pressing him off the line. He just wants to get the ball in his hands and make plays. But you just can't do it when nobody else is getting open. You can't have single coverage [on Rob Gronkowski] if no one else can beat single coverage."

Chris also believes that once Julian Edelman returns, it will help take all the attention away from double-covering his brother and allowing for more opportunities in the passing game.

"I think once Edelman comes back you're going to see a whole different game out there. He's a man-beater. He's gonna get open if you put man on him. Once Edelman's back, I think the whole game changes."

Aside from the team’s recent issues, Chris also says that he thinks his brother was never going to retire and that he never would have been traded. He says his brother is at the height of his profession and just wanted freedom to train the way he wants. Chris also backed up Rob’s statement of never wanting to play with anyone else.

“He wanted to be paid what he deserved, and he wanted to be paid [like] one of the top tight ends for once… He wanted to stay in New England no matter what,” Chris said. “That’s what ended up happening. He just wanted to be comfortable with what he was playing for.”

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