John’s Well-Educated Guesses: Patriots vs Colts Recap

Ok, sorry for the late post.  I know you were waiting for it.  Let’s see how I did with the predictions from the Colts game on Tuesday.

Prediction:  Let’s call this game the Jonah Gray game 2.0:  We were really getting after the run game against the Dolphins, and I expect that to be a feature of this offense more often than not.  Michel is hopefully rounding into form and I think he gets the rock over 20 times and goes over 100.  Hopefully his alarm clock goes off on Friday.

Result:  You know how I know God hates me?  Sony ran for 18 carries for 98 yards and a tuddy.  Doesn’t come much closer to nailing a bold prediction than this.  (Also sorry for calling him Jonah Gray, but I was making a commentary on how forgettable he is….thats my story and I’m sticking to it.)

Prediction:  Gronk barely plays:  I think Gronk will be active but will barely play.  If he does, he will be just a distraction.  I think they want to keep him fresh, so he will not be part of the game plan and  will have less than 3 catches.  Let’s see if Dwayne Allen can be called out of the witness relocation program.

Result:  I couldn’t have been much more wrong here.  Go figure.  He was on the field for something like 63/64 snaps so he was a full go.  7 targets, 6 catches for 75 yards.  Also Dwayne Allen continues to be a blocking only TE.  I’m ok with it, here’s hoping Gronk can keep it up.

Prediction:  Special teams is special:  I don’t have a way to really measure this, so will likely take credit no matter what.  But I’ll know it when I see it.  Expect special teams to be a difference maker.

Result:  Ok, so no TD or turnover, but did anyone else see that Nicholas Grigsby hit on punt coverage?  That was a tone setter (kind of).  Case closed, I win again.

Prediction:  Pats Win 38-24.  The Patriots extended preseason is over.  They have a banged up opponent, at home, on a short week.  I think there is a good chance the Colts roll right over.  Put them in for some garbage time points and I think we roll.

Result:  I nailed this final score exactly and it’s the second time this season I have done that.  I think this should count for extra if we are being honest. 

Final Result:   Besides the Gronk one, I’m doing pretty well.  Nailing the final score makes me better than you.   There I said it.