Ring Envy - What Dolphins Fans Said - 9/30

The Miami Dolphins surprisingly came into Gillette Stadium 3-0 looking to make a big statement, and they did exactly that by getting embarrassed by the Patriots, who seem to only be dominant at home and not on the road. 

Gase has a plan! no need to worry. See what he said on Rich's show? "I'm watching you guys, I know you never picks us to win" and when rich said "do you want me to pick you to win?" Gase said no lol!!

Lets do this!!!! **** the Pats!!

Dolphins are on TV for the first time this year in the UK, and my TV has just gone out. Typical.

Yikes, that pass to Stills was risky.

2nd and 17 and we run. When is that going to end?

Terrible punt.

Effing bubble screen on 3rd and 12.

Punch me in the nuts.

They were offsides but no calls will be given in NE.

Hope they have a solution for Gronk from the getgo...

The hold hurt yes but it seems like when we get a penalty and get in 2nd or 3rd and long, Gase just gives up and doesnt even try to get a 1st down. Its aggravating

Here we go. The patented bailout penalties for brady begin.. there was nothing on that play

Here we go with the NE only flags! I hate this.

Those phantom flags are just backbreakers...

They have no shot if the referees are going to extend their drives consistently.

Refs are gunna make sure New England doesn’t go 1-3 bad for NFL. Defense looks total basic so dar

Raekwon is absolutely worthless. He needs to take his place on the bench next to Tankersley. He couldn't cover his mother.

NFL demands patriots are in the mix

Nice job by the defense to hold them to a FG attempt. Offense needs to respond. Maybe the refs can help us too

Got to love the phone on the NE sideline labelled "Ernie"... Why not just change it to cheat code or something?

The flags are going to be so lopsided , I can just feel this one. The NFL cannot let the beloved Pats go 1-3. Too much money comes from this team. I have a feeling I’m going to be so pissed by the end of this.

catch the damn ball

Gase hasn’t learned anything! We need to pass to open the run

Wow, we got a call!

These play calls suck ***.

Our speed on offense is so overrated, these speedy WRs are never open in our traditional offense sets

Why are their db’s tackling our receivers when the ball is in the air?

Gilmore should have been flagged pulled down didn’t look back catchable ball.

The offense looks like dog ****

They are holding every play and it’s not being called.

Wow....this is about what I expect every Sunday. ZERO execution of an NFL offense. Its putrid.

Pathetic start, with no threat of a run game. How about some motion to allow Wilson and Grant to get a free release?

Miami better wake up on offense they can’t go down in the road and expect a miracle when they are playing against the pats and refs!!

Offensive Line is average. QB is average...and quite frankly, the RBs are average too. We need to upgrade all three position groups.

INTERCEPtion!!!! NOW offense wake the hell up pass deep!!!

**** yeah

There we ****ing go! **** you brady

D biggest surprise this season so far!

Let's see if we can get something going on offense. The defense is more than doing their job already.

Zzzzz this offense so far man.

Wasted opportunity, putrid run blocking, now a false start. Drive over likely.

Unbelievable. Effing false start from Tunsil. Like 3rd and 8 wasn't tough enough.

Tannehill is a low IQ QB. He continues to throw three yards down the field when its 10 or more to go.

Wow, so much holding against our pass rush there by the NE LT. No call. He ****ing tackled him! from behind!

Way to give all the momentum back to the Pats after a turnover. We really don't try to get a first down on third and long, just pass short and punt. Is Gase that afraid of mistakes?

Another weak, gift of a call for the Pats on 3rd down.

Not going to beat the Pats and the refs today.

It is 3 - 0 and people are declaring defeat here. Jesus.

Thats a ****ing pick play

Wow, their RT absolutely raped his man on that pass play. He stripped him, threw him down, layed on top of him. No flag. Touchdown. Top it all off with an illegal pick play. No flag. Pathetic.

I just hate the Cheatrioats...

Playing the refs again this week, that illegal contact on Howard was BS. That pick play was BS.... Here we go again

I love how they flag Howard twice on minimal contact....but a clearly illegal pick that goes for a Pats TD? No flag. It's going to be one of those games where we're playing for 2 W's in one game.....

What a ****ing disgusting display of favoritism with officiating

Our offense looks like theyre playing in mud..

Wow...Tannehill doesn't know which jerseys we are wearing. Right to the NE player. He has the IQ of grape. His long passes aren't even close.

Close to being done with this one. Pretty obvious with the agenda today.

Typical "Divisional Road Game" Thill

Blowout time baby fml for thinking this would be different from all the other times.

BB *****ing about McCain there is absolutely delicious.

Bellicheat knows what he is talking about when he says he sees cheating.

Well, that should just about do it. **** off Swanson


Quinn just embarassed.

I know a lot of us say this when we are playing like garbage but I'm seriously considering going out and cutting my grass

I said this all year 3-0 means NOTHING thisbteam isn’t good we won against bad teams with trick plays. We get no respect because we’re paper tigers. THIS offense has NO HEART if we come back and win this I’ll stay off this board for two weeks! Not happening

What is going on? I'm embarrassed by this epic collapse. It is the same old Dolphins after all. That is the worst part of this, I thought this team was different. When it really matters most, the Phins go back to what they really truly are, a 6-8 win team.

Im done watching. So unprepared, such bull**** effort. Lets go home and focus on the next game

I could live with losing a hard fought, close game. To get blown out by a Pats team with minimal weapons though? To see Gase clueless about how to deal with press coverage? To see the team unable to execute a shotgun snap? To see the defense fold up in the first half?

Typical Dolphins egg, and when we lose...we always get blown out in embarrassing fashion I feel.

We had a chance to bury them and got *****ed again.

I knew this was gonna happen today. Had a strong feeling. This game I don't just blame gase. I blame Tannehill the OL the RBs the WRs/TEs Lol

Well, I really am going to go cut my grass. Hopefully i miss a monumental comeback and we win. I doubt it though

We should just send the entire game film up to the NFL office this week with a note that reads "Read your own ****ing rulebook, then watch the entire game. You'll see the obvious issues we have. Specifically defensive holding called on us, and the offensive holding NOT called on them. **** you Godell."

On the bright side, this will be a good learning experience. It’s a copy cat league, so other teams will play the same tight coverage against us. We need to learn how to beat this type of defense, so maybe we will figure it out. We may get our *** kicked, but may be better off in the long run.

The problem with the way Adam Gase looses to people is that it is often by blowout. So fans, media, and players get emotional about it and it swings the season feel dramatically. Wildly inconsistent and never blowing out people ourselves....we also win when other teams mess up or on a gimmick. I’m starting to lose faith in Adam Gase and this offense.

Lol... We have 53 yards of total offense. I thought we fired Joe Philbin.

Think about our wins so far...longest game in history against a backup QB, a rookie QB, and with trick plays against a bad Oakland team. We are probably just mediocre at best still.

The overreactions are off the chart today. The Patriots at home are still the Patriots at home. There was a reason they we're favored by a touchdown+.

Didn't someone say on here we were built to beat the Pats? Looks like we missed a few pieces.

This game is humiliating, especially when a chunk of my family are Pats fans. I'm used to it. ****ing Lolphins

Should have a surrender button

So we got 5 RBs and 4 QBs but no line depth on either side of the ball...Good plan!

WRs on this team are useless. Speed my ***, they’re never open unless we pull some trickery. No offensive playmakers at all.

At this point I hope they hang 60+ on us. This team deserves to get embarrassed today.

Worst case s scenario. Pats now are all better and Miami was a pretender. Living in NE sucks.

Miami was never going to win this game. Nobody expected it to be this though. Hopefully this *** beating is a wake up call.

Next week, if they don't respond, it's a long rest of the season. This is a beyond embarassing loss, and it's happened too many times in this fashion for this team lately. We're still 3-1, atop the division if I'm not mistaken, so that's a good thing, but hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come.

Once again Dolphin fans must accept another year of mediocrity and with the overall lack of talent throughout the roster and an average at best QB, the future appears to more mediocrity or worse in the next few years.

Well, I'm back from cutting the grass. No monumental comeback I see

Dolphins so bad they changed to the eagles game on german television.. man everytime i see them on tv they get their *** whooped

Watched this disaster until they switched over. Was Miami really that bad? Were the Patriots really that good? Or are the Patriots that damn good at stealing signals?

Rodney Harrison just called the Dolphins frauds on football night in America and Tony Dungy agreed.

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