Ring Envy - What Jets Fans Said - 11/25

Jets fans know at this point there really isn't any hope for them regardless if Sam Darnold is playing or not. Enjoy their misery! 

Hopefully Brady's decline continues.

Are we really doing this? Are we really going to go through with this game? I say let the players stay home with their families, let them enjoy the start of the holiday season, do some Christmas shopping and catch an NFL game or two. No need for them to go out there and play.

We've all had to endure Pat's domination since 2001. The good news dispite claims of never retiring and playing to he's 50. Old Father Time gets us all. The Brady Bilicheat dynasty days are numbered. We have to be ready to take over with our young QB and rebuilt Offence.

Setting up the blow out to be a good b*tch-fest when da boyz come in here talking about losing, wanting to lose and then are in disbelief when it actually happens like — “WHY CANT DARNOLD PLAY IF TOM, AT AGE 41, CAN PLAY WITH A HURT KNEE AND THE FLU.” ”I CANT BELIEVE WE JUST WATCHED TOM BRADY WIPE HIS RUNNY NOSE ON THE BALL FOR GOOD LUCK AND PROCCEED TO THROW 6 TD’s.”

This is the kind of game we will somehow win before another three consecutive losses

Good luck to those who watch the game live and especially those who go to the game. Ill catch it tomorrow on gamepass. Im making the decision to enjoy my Sunday by watching actual football.

Brady will get touched twice today, with zero sacks

The Jets game is on TV in my area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hadn't seen them since the Cleaveland steamer. No radio this week. Please let Brady get hurt in HD!!!

Is it over yet?

Run, run, throw.... ******* shoot me now

Hey.. Kearse remembers how to catch when it's McCown throwing the ball!

a 3rd down conversion on the 1st drive? Someone get the parade ready.

you can hear the PATS fans on TV

Crowell is really sad. I am almost embarassed that he holds JET RECORD

That's the Jets defense we know. Can't cover anyone over the middle.

Wow, Gronk taking oxygen, Adams rocked him!


Touchdown Kearse!

This is already more than I expected from the Jets today. I'll take it!

Kearse "Oh my buddy is back I guess I can play this game."

Haha love watching pats fans mad. Makes my day

Haha, we scored first on the Pats. They must be feeling pretty sh*tty right now.

Brady threw that ball sitting in a lounge chair...where's the pass rush LEO!!!!???

And thats what we get for giving Brady an extra down.

and THATS why Bowles is getting fired... ridiculous.

Never give Brady another chance. Dumb

Why didn’t we just decline and make it 4th....did you REALLY just give Brady another shot? Wow Bowles.

Manish with some egg on face after that Gronk TD

Doesn’t matter. 4th and 2 New England would have went for it. Williamson blew the coverage on Gronk

Anyone know if Darnold is dressed today?

Pats* forgetting that they aren't at home and can't cheat as much.

I'm surprised at the number of penalties the refs are throwing on the Pats.

The pats have a poor road record because the refs actually call penalties on them on the road.

Cheating ****

The pats are doing a lot of real dirty shi* this game.

It’s a disgrace that the front row seats were sold to pats fans. I can’t blame Jet fans though. It’s been ugly.

Sucks that I don’t have the Jets to look forward to on Sunday and it’s only November

lol, pats hold on every ....single...play

Cheaters not even trying to hide the holding and it doesn't get called

I hope Luvu breaks Brady's feeble, feminine hip.

Gronk is a better CB then our DBs

If Jamal Adams wasn’t on this team we be like 0-10

With 3 pds today Adams has to be top safety in the NFL for pds after going into today tied for 2nd

This shows WR talent. We never get 50 50 balls

Rookie INT.


There’s Bowles on the sideline. Expressionless! Might as well put a ******* Wooden Indian on the sideline.

NICE! Myers has been a huge surprise.

10-10 at the half. I’ll take it.

You'd think I would've gotten some joy from seeing our 39 year old $10M QB jumping up and down on the sideline like a little girl on Christmas morning, and then a shot of our smirking HC enjoying that FG to make it 10-10 at the half, but weirdly enough, I just puked all over my nachos.

How is this game tied lol

Omg this Patriot team SUCKS on the road! Any decent team would be winning this game but the Jets are HANGING IN THERE kicking 55 yard FGs.

Run defense awful today

They are running so much because Brady is hurt. Not only his lingering knee injury that kept him out all week in practice but his thumb on his throwing hand was gashed.

Just realizing now...Patriots aren’t that good. No way they should make it deep in the playoffs.

Crowell falls down before he is hit! Wtf is going on with him

Gilmore not use to getting flagged for molestation

This is going according to the Bowles script. Stay close then lose.

well not the blowout I expected..at least the Pats are bad enough this year to make this game watchable.

I'm conflicted between beating the cheats and possible 1st overall draft pick.

That’s more like it

Imagine having an offense where it took 4 plays

The vaunted 2nd half adjustments of a Todd Bowles defense....

It's amazing how much straight up, cookie cutter zone D Bowles plays.

Every time Edelman scores, they’re like 18-0...impressive

This Pats' defense is really bad.

Have you ever seen a game where guys are SO WIDE OPEN? I cant remember EVER seeing a Jet WR as open as 4/5 guys in this game for the Pats.

It’s over

Those bumbling fools

Woody I hope you were listening to that. The new stadiums sucks

Such embarrassing punt coverage

3-13 here we come. Embrace the suck.

Michel is gashing us. 125 yards.

There was a brawl in the bills jags game

I wish I could still root for Sony. Kills me that he is a Patriot.

Tremaine Johnson getting dusted

Gronk literally false started two separate times. Encroachment tho, whatevs at this point.

Leonard Williams makes a play! oh wait

Leo with the almost sack

Hit him harder Leo- u finally did something right

We can't stop the pass or the run, but the threat of our screen game D is so great, the pats don't even try one.

Thanks Leo. Roughing the passer. 1st and goal.

Not even ******* close

It may just be wishful thinking but Brady looks washed up to me. Beating the Jets doesn't matter.

Good job, good effort

Stevie Wonder can see our offense sucks

What a disgracefully coached football team. It's just a huge mistake to keep bowles around this team.

That's a fitting end

This sh*t is such a joke new England dbs are doing whatever they want. Pull tuck, grab, grab a whole damn arm no calls.

**** this defense

The tank is on! 3-8.. 3-13 in the working!

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