What the future looks like for the sports betting industry

One of the most popular sports, and an American all-time favorite, is football. The marketing industry makes a killing by promoting famous football teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, the New Orleans Saints and the New York Giants. There's no doubt about it, the fans go ballistic, a number of bets are placed and everything is internationally televised. So what does this mean for the future of American football betting and how can we use this to our advantage?

Online Sportsbetting

As it stands, online betting is restricted in some countries. However, with the online gambling industry growing and the way it has been steadily garnering more punters, we can assume that it will soon become legalized in the majority of geographical markets. The process is slow, but players are certainly making it obvious they have the intention of spending money and how they do so is entirely up to them. The US Congress may still be in the early stages of reviewing federal gambling laws, but they are planning to address sports betting and online gambling with a look at mutually beneficial relations for all parties involved.

Digital Platforms

The advancement of technology has allowed punters to enjoy live games as they played in real time. With that said, digital platforms will only advance in the years to come, which means spectacular game viewing for the crowd and even better quality live streaming opportunities. In addition to this, more sportsbook sites will come to the fore using modern technology, giving bettors a variety of new-tech options.

Stock Markets

It goes without saying that the potential growth of online sports betting is massive, especially looking at the American football market. With this in mind, sports betting exchanges could be developed to cater for the more elite or high stakes players. Apart from this and another factor to consider, is the sports leagues profiting from American football gambling.

American Football Teams

Many famous sports teams look to become more famous and probably garner a greater following as sports betting becomes legalized across the world. As a result, more people will move to online betting, which in turn, increases demand.


Marketing companies and famous teams will mutually benefit in the sense of profit sharing. Already companies such as 888.com have signed up with the NFL’s New York Jets, making history in the process. We can’t be sure how much the sportsbook paid to get the deal signed, but they have an entire season to promote their brand on the Jets and have wasted no time setting up advertisements on pylons outside the stadium where the Jets play. The bold banner is sure to collect a stream of new online bettors, enhancing the online gambling industry and spurring on more players to make legalization happen.

The Dark Side – Defense

The online realm of sport betting, fantasy league and online gaming could be harmful to those with an addictive personality. Responsible gambling is a must, however, there are those who don’t know their limits. Another factor to take into consideration is security. Many fraudulent sports betting sites have been reported for this very reason, but this doesn’t deter nefarious online activity. Only the legitimate, legalized online sites offer secure SSL encryption technology that protect players from having their personal data and banking information leaked or cloned. With the future of sports betting looking as promising as it does, we can assume that many more fraudulent sites will be popping up.

Ultimately, one could say that the future of online sports betting looks to be promising and American football fans certainly have bucket loads to look forward to. Eager to check out what all the fuss is about? Get your bets in at online betting at 888 Sport US.