Patriots Twitter gives classic response to the Atlanta Falcons


You know the classic saying: a football team is only as good as its Twitter game, well have no fear pats fans, we're in good hands. Yesterday the Falcons Twitter sent every NFL team a valentines day greeting for, well love I guess. Anyways, when it came to the Pats they probably knew that was some shaky ground for them. The Patriots gave a shout-out to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium as a place they loved, since they did just pull off another Super Bowl win there not too long ago.

It probably would've reflected poorly on the Pats to do this, but personally I would've snuck a little 28-3 joke in there. Maybe something like "Sure thing! You guys free on March 28th? (haha get it?)

I do have to applaud the Falcons for putting themselves out there because 28-3 jokes will haunt them for the rest of time.

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