Ring Envy - What Rams Fans Said - 2/3 [Super Bowl "freak you" edition]

I'm gonna need a new version of this soon.

I was expecting this thread to either not exist at all or be really short because, ya know, people in Los Angeles are too busy chasing Hollywood celebrities around to care that they had a football team in the Super Bowl. But to my surprise, there were a couple people who cared and were pretty into the game. Their excitement quickly turned to disappointment when they realized Ryan Gosling Jared Goff didn't have it and Sean McVay was clearly being out-coached. My favorite part about this is some of them couldn't bring themselves to swear when they were angry and said weird shit like "freak you."

2:15 AM and it's hard to sleep! Go Rams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Oh, is that today?

On this special day, and after all this time. I would like to tell everyone no matter what happens. Screw the freaking Pats.

We will win this.

I'm so excited!!!! Bouncing off the walls here, is it game time yet?

We’ve gotta be considered one of the better, and more respectable, fan bases for how we’ve handled our teams current success. We’re like the complete opposite of arrogant a$$#%les. We’re just enjoying the show!

According to ESPN, which just flashed a graphic there are 64% Patriot fans at the Superbowl vs. 34% Rams fans. Hey--still better than New Orleans. This should be a walk in the park.

I am like a 6 year old on Christmas Morning. I am so excited to watch my team in the Super Bowl.

Anyone else find it “off-the-mark” that the Patriots are trying to play the underdog angle? Is that some sort of way to motivate themselves?

Yeah, they look for any possible cherry picked quote from whatever fringe reporter and use it for motivation. The idea of a team in their third consecutive Super Bowl being underdogs is ridiculous.

Time to re-write a wrong from 17 yrs ago... Let's go Rams!!!

We're about to witness the passing of the guard!

So. freakin. Pumped. Hand washed my Donald jersey earlier today and girlfriend is in my Rams tee. I have a good feeling we win this game 99 to 0. Drop a 50 burger by halftime.

Been waiting for this rematch for 17 years. It's time to crush them. For good.

Rams can handle the hostile crowd, shut em up early and they'll switch to blue and yellow by half.

Just seeing Brady on the tv...I want to sack him 10 times today!

I’ve been waiting 17 years for this and I want blood

Waited so long for this, now it's time to kick some freaking ass!! Feeling so stoked for all the long time sufferers in here, it's our day. GO RAMS!!!!

The Patriots skipped the individual announcements in the last game against us too

The Rams are simply the best. We will win.

freak you Brady!!!!

Brady sucks, 1st of many today.



Dammit. We needed at least a field goal on that drive. freak.

Well damn. Sure would be nice to get points off of turnovers.

Not good enough.

poor pass protection that first series.

I’d love to really pound the ball. I think we can really run on them.

Fowler that was a TD!

that could have been a pick six

R U fking kidding me

Awful call


there's our payback for the saints game

hit him again

un-freaking believable.. shut the freak up salvatore - that was bullcrap and you know it.

Pats get these calls. We won’t. But no one will mention it

I've never understood that explanation. "You have to let them establish themselves as a runner." Um, what? So you're inches away from tackling a guy but you have to wait for them to start running away from you before you tackle them?

The fix is in. No way NFL allows Cheatriots to lose back to back Super Bowls.

What a momentum changing call by the ref and I don't think I would have thrown that flag.

Saints fans paid for that call

NFL making up ish to call to make up for Saint Louis.


Thank you jim nantz haha

Good drive by the refs, but karma wins for once

And it’s......NO GOOD!

Karma Baby!

Nice miss Fagkowski

Yes. The Cheaters missed.

NE is controlling the TOP. Have to turn that around right now. Points or not we need first downs and find a rhythm

HAHAHA!!! Patsies are goin' down today!!!!

Hit looked early.... But yanno, it's the Patriots

Lol. Yes, Romo. You a cool dude.

Are we playing in New England? the stupid fog horn, loud crowd???? WTF?????

Run the Fing ball!

Bad time for a punt under 30 yds Johnny

Hopefully D makes a stop without ref assisted drive.

2 and 19. Wow. With hobbled Mr. 69.

No holding call. Unreal

Intentional groundi... Of wait, it's the Patriots

great D but we have no rhythm on O

Yeeeessssss! NE Drought continues! That's one check box...

Need a drive or D is gonna get tired

Woooooooow. You really aren't crapping me!

Can’t ask the defense to play better but they can’t keep it up if our offense can’t stay on the field for more then 3 plays

This no Gurley crap is just not gonna fly

Don’t see how we can win if the offense doesn’t show up soon.

NRC gets a personal foul for a textbook tackle, but the Patsies DE gets to clothesline C.J. on a play blown dead. Yeah, okay.

Belichick crapping on McVay so far. We can't move the ball at all.

Our offense is AWOL so far. Can't keep giving the NE offense the ball, especially around mid field. Bellicheat has us confused on O, or else we're just not executing. Maybe time to try some up tempo, some screens, some stretch runs. Gurley's health might be a huge factor in this, sadly.

Block thism kick...block this kick...

Alright, offense, it's time to wake up. They're going up 3-0.

good, now make Edelman limp too

Gronk is hurt... Defense has been great. Goff will get better as he settles in. Good return here.

Facema...oh, it's the Patriots

the stupid fog horn again WTF

OK, so Cheatriots are going straight up the gut on running downs - if Gurley is hurt do we have another back with speed to get outside? Maybe some more sweeps or quick bubbles?

freaking hell a penalty on the Pats *falls off chair*

Those damn holding cheaters, Littleton would've blocked that! Nice hold for a 10 yard penalty, cheaters.

Sorry. Goff not ready. Neither is McVay.

no one is open

McVay is getting absolutely embarrassed by Belichick. What a freaking joke offensive plan.

McVay needs to get Belichick surgically removed from his ass during halftime.

It's about those half time adjustments now. We got this. Go Rams!

Let me know when that halftime show is done. lol.

Every skill guy is blanketed. I hate Belichick.

i know that i am old, but this halftime show is well, offensive

So anyone have an idea of what to do on offense?

What stinks more? Rams offense or this half-time show?

Rams 0 Pats 3 Maroon 5. How can we losing to all that crap?!

The opening second half drive will tell me a lot. The offense looks like it’s intimidated by Belichick and the patriots. Right where then want them. We have to do what weve been doing all year. Freak the patriot ‘mystic’. Can’t win that way.

Coach Mac is getting punked by Belichek. I would consider letting Goff (who looks horrible) call his own plays at some point in the second half.

There we go, Todd


Hey look its Gurley

We're scoring this drive boys...

Here we go Gurleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Gurley sure dont look injured

Gurley broke Chung’s arm/wrist

It's ok Chung, you have all off season to heal.

Just run it down their throats. Trying to mix it up got them 0 points. Now is the time to just impose your will.

Good Chung broke his arm.

Fog horn. Why? They aren't even the home team.

I really don't get how the Patriots are allowed to bring that damn fog horn to a neutral field

O-6 on 3rd down.. atta boy Goff.

Goff is going to get picked . They know exactly where he's going

Edelman will be the MVP

Peters is garbage. Straight up garbage.

So there’s ZERO answer for Edelman? It’s not like the dude is a freaking HOF receiver. Wtf.

Ugh. I don't trust Goff or the O. We don't have it today.

Just what our struggling offense needs. The ball at the 3 yard line. Good grief.

Belichick respects Wade. They are just waiting for us to freak up like they always do to win games.

This game sounds like it's being played in Foxboro.

Are we going to score a single point!?!?

McVay getting bitch slapped..what a joke of a performance by us.

We are not mentally prepared to play in a SB. Now we see why NE wins all the time.

I'm ready to walk away from the tv....most non entertaining Superbowl in history. I've had 40 years of this type of play.

almost in FG range!!

I think the offense is finding their rhythm.....10 more yds to a tie score...

Way to go Goff that was a big boy throw...

How do you waste a timeout here.... smh

McVay is losing this game. You cannot burn time outs unnecessarily

We’re on the board!!

New game...thank you Greg-the-Leg...

Lucky to get 3. Should have had 7.

Tie game!!

Greg the Leg !!! The new game starts now....

It's 0-0 again.....Who wants it more, Rams? WE DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How in the Hell are we tied?

We got this....HIT BRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Man is this painful. Cooks shoulda been hit 2 seconds prior and we are winning. Goff has zero confidence

This game is killing me. I have a bad feeling that NE scores a TD on this drive.

my stomach is in knots

3-3... Superbowl score going into 4th. Unheard of...

I'm going to have a heart attack

Come on baby we can beat these fuckers!!!


Finally some momentum and there’s the drive killing penalty.

Out of bounds and no fking call?

Man this offensive line is getting embarrassed.

phantom holding call kills the drive.

Edelman with nobody around him again.

Here comes Brady. We couldn’t get it done

its over

Good year. But you never know how many SB you can make. Huge missed opportunity. Offense didn’t show up.

I’m afraid that’s gonna be it.

That was pretty easy. Edelman is the MVP of this game.


It's over . Boy genius and the California kid were terrible. Fact

Game. LB on JE is just plain stupid.

Were done. Typical Brady drive at end of big games. Hell just do it again if we somehow score. What a way to lay a freaking egg on the offense.

I don't understand, I felt so good about this game, this wasn't the way it was supposed to happen. Love my Rams always, just sad

Seventeen years for this crap

I've turned the sound off...better that way. Patriot masturbation is sickening

7:00 and a one score game and some of you are talking about getting back to the SB...WTF...LETS GOOO GOD DAMN IT. LETS GOOOOO

It's not just the potential that the Rams lose that I hate. It's also the Patriots potentially winning. I hate them so much.

Where was this all night. Jesus.

There we go. First down. Keep it going.

Cooks dropped it

That one on Cooks.

That's game


No call PI...interception. BS

Let's throw a jumpball to our shortest player.

The game slipped through Cooks hands.....

Thank you, Brandin Cooks. You dropped the game-tying TD and then made no effort to stop the INT. You also dropped the earlier TD. freaking pitiful performance.

Man, what one play can do in football. Had 7 to Cooks on a great throw, then Bellicheat dialed up the pressure when it counted.

I'm hating today an awful lot right now.

Pats own us. That's a wonderul feeling. 17 years for revenge. Awesome.

3 points. 3. Pathetic

Losing to the Patriots--of all teams--makes it all the more aggravating.

Huge play after the 2 min. Come on D. I'm not ready for it to be over yet

will Billcheat kick a FG or just run out the clock if he gets a chance?


Favorable spot...it was not that close.

Hate losing to this team. I hate the Cheatriots, hate Brady, hate Billicheat.

3 points. Let that sink in. 3.

Suh doesn't even try on the FG. F him. Let him find his own way home.

The freaking media should just shut up about the New England Patriots already. Don't say crap just cuz they lose two games in a row. Just freaking ignore them.

How in the hell do you have all those weapons and only put up THREE points?

Congrats Cheatriots you were the better team today.

I feel sick. If you'd told me we'd hold the patriots to 13 points I'd have thought we'd blow them out.

Embarrassing! No entertainment value.....worst Superbowl in history and our Rams are the poster child. I know you are supposed to treasure the accomplishments of the season, but when you bend over and ask for more Patriot in your dark place in the big game.........why would anyone think this team earned anything?


is over half the Superbowl rooting for the Cheatriots??? During the early part of the game C'mon man, despte all the ish that has been going on these past few years between lefts and the rights, ........I seriously figured at least everyone would have hated on the cheaters! WTF???

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