Rumors: Patriots could be in the market for a big receiver


A big topic this offseason has been the thought that the New England Patriots are going to be very aggressive in the wide receiver market. There have been a lot of names floating around whether it be a free-agent or a trade scenario, but rumors are that the Pats are trying to make some noise.

The Pats do have a lot of picks in stock (12 to be exact), so they are well-equipped to make a big move. It has already been reported that they were really pushing for Odell Beckham Jr. last season, so they are no stranger to this field. There have also been reports that the receiver could be a big veteran name.

There hasn't been any one name pointed out, but look for guys in a situation like A.J. Green to be an option. Green has one year left on his contract with Cincinnati, so never sleep on Bill making a move.

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