I googled Eli Manning's stupid face, and jackpot! Giants @ Patriots

Daddy, my hat
By now you all know just how much I hate the Manning family.  Hate is a strong word, so maybe I'll use dislike.  Actually, F it, I hate em.  Do I wish harm upon them? No, not at all.  A hatred in sports is different, it's just when I see their stupid faces, hear their dumb voices, I get fiyad up and want to go punch my neighbor in the face because he reminds me of them.  It's something that ol' TC has been working on with intensive psychotherapy.  It's not my neighbors fault he's got a slackjawed stupid face and delivery with words, it's me, I admit it.  I have the problem with looking at him and seeing red, but as stated above, I'm working on it.
Should call his finger Ty Law
I didn't want to make this all about the Mannings, oops.  That teabagging, HGH using (allegedly), ESPN crown prince, too many teeth in the mouth havin rube.  Forgive me, got off track.  The Giants are terrible, no Saquon, no way they have a chance, but as they say, any given Sunday, although it's Thursday.  For you young bucks, no, this doesn't ever go away.  If you are passionate, it never leaves you.  I thought it would after the first Super Bowl, nope.  The Patriots are still here, you're still here, and dammit, I'm still here and we ain't goin nowhere (R.I.P. BIG).
Why did the chicken cross the road?


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