Ring Envy - What Redskins Fans Said - 10/6

This one is relatively short, which is probably because Redskins fans have better things to do with their Sunday afternoons than watch this garbage. I certainly wouldn't feel good about a team that openly admitted they didn't have a plan at quarterback and didn't even name a starter until last Thursday. I almost feel bad for the fans. Their team has won three Super Bowls but Dan Snyder continues to run the franchise into the ground. But hey, what do we care? It was a great day for us Patriots fans. 

I'm almost out of weed so I guess I'm going to have to take this L sober.

I hope Brady and Belichick have the decency to spit on it first before shoving it in

Clown show time

I started a shit ton of Pats on my fantasy teams, so I expect a blow out. They better kill us.

More Brady jerseys than any other in the stadium. Fucking sad

Yeah Jay take the ball first and get this offense going...

lol one good play, 2 shitty calls then a sack. Ok I see how the day is gonna go

Holy shit that was a brilliant playcall

Dude , Sims is our best rb.

Defense letting us down

Pssssshhh this fucking defense.

Seriously? Like McCoy looks bad, could've started Haskins if this wanna gonna be a "shake off the rust" kinda game.

I need Manusky to go fuck off with these zone calls

Dunbar and Norman should exchange salaries.....

I definitely started Brady in FF this week....LOL

Defense stepped up....

Let’s try to push the ball down the field here

Put in Haskins. Fucking pathetic

McCoy with 16 yards passing in the 2nd quarter. C'mon Pats, pour it on so we can put Gruden out of his misery.

Gruden just throwing flags on PI when it hasn't been overturned

Well... Playing from behind now with McCoy who hasn't practiced. Doesn't bode well.

nice pick.

Here we go, bout to get a safety. lol

4 fucking penalties on this drive

horseshit penalty

Our defense playing solid and this fuckin shit head coach putting garbage on the field on the offensive side

They wanna talk about Haskins not being ready but somehow Gruden thought the dude with the broken leg was MORE ready? Man I hate this team.

Do you think Haskins has asked Jay "Why don't you look at me like you did that girl in the video?"

The offense is killing my soul. The defense is impressing me and killing my fantasy team at the same time. Brady throwing a lot of incompletions.

our zone coverage is SOOO BAD.

I just want them to hang one more TD on us

Wow that right side of the line is terrible

This offense can't even put together a good drive. How does jay find a way to pass the beam today? Refs maybe?

Pad my FF stats Tom!!!!! WTG

It must be nice to have your team visit the nations capital and whoop up on the sorry ass redskins. If you're a pats fan, this is a great weekend vacation.