There's only one explanation for the mysterious frozen game clock. Doc Brown and Marty McFly

Back To The Future
I did watch the game clock freeze.  I may or may not have seen Doc Brown in the stands.  Now it was most likely a "make up" call for the phantom tripping penalty on the Cowboys.  As much of a homer I am, I can admit that call was bogus, but did it make that much of a difference?  The "number 1" offense in the league sure looked pretty bad yesterday, in fact, the whole game looked bad, but the Patriots find a way to win.  That's what they do.  They practice these situations all the time.  I not a fragile man, actually a large, strong beast of a man who wasn't going outside yesterday, besides grocery shopping.  Yeah, I get groceries, got a problem Smitty?

I am very fascinated with time travel, it's true.  I will go down that YouTube rabbit hole any day.  You watch 100 time travel videos, 99 are bogus, but there's always that 1 that makes you think.  This can be done.  I gotta admit, yesterday was probably the quietest I've ever been during a Patriots game.  Had on my Tom Brady Michigan blue #10 jersey and noticeably quiet.  In fact, Mrs TC remarked, thinking there was something wrong with me as we fist bumped N'Keal Harry's first career TD.  I simply could not get angry at the weather.  I'm just not that old yet to start yelling at the rain, although I do while driving.  Anyways, an ugly win is still a win.


Happy Anniversary my clever cabbage.
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