James Develin, a Juggernaut retires, I'm sad

James Develin
I really don't know what to write.  I am so sad about the news of James Develin's retirement.  On top of losing Elandon Roberts and Tom Brady, what a kick to the apple bag.  Now throw in the fact that we are quarantined from a virus named after a beer, there is no God.  You all know my connection to the fullback position and you've heard me spout about it a million times, but it was a dying position about 15 years ago.  Coach Bill Belichick always had one on his roster though.  If he didn't have an everyday fullback, he would transition a defensive player to fill the humongous void.  Most memorable was Dan Klecko, a converted defensive tackle.  The fullback position is old school, punch you in the face football.  Nearly every fullback the Patriots have had in the past 20 years was either a defensive lineman or linebacker by trade.  You find guys who like to hit people hard, push them back or down because they can.  Sprinkle in a lil bitta crazy and those guys who like to hit hard, want to then hit the guys who also like to hit hard, carry the ball once a year and maybe catch a pass or two, you got yourself a fullback son.

Develin graduated from Brown with an engineering degree.  Way smaahta than you Patsy.  He's given his heart and sacrificed his body for his "unsung" role on the Patriots.  Unsung?  Not on my watch, Sully!!!  My guy here is such a gem, he wants to give back to the game:

“I am considering any kind of possibility that kind of comes my way," he said. "It would be a honor to be able to continue to provide support for the team, albeit in a different way. But, I have an innate sense in me that I have to kind of give back to the game that gave me so much. Any kind of capacity that I can do that in is something I would be interested in doing.”
Develin added: “Like I said before, I have this feeling like I need to give back to the game because it gave me so much. I have been playing for 25 years and I know a lot about the game. I have been through a lot of experiences within the game. I think there’s a certain level of knowledge that I have that I can pass on to the next generation of players, wherever that may be."

Hell yes!  I would love it if James Develin still remained a part of the Patriots as a coach.  Fullbacks and catchers, all guts, no glory and the smartest on the field.  Yeah, I said it.  If he wants to get a masters in engineering football teams, he can learn from the best to ever do it.  For you fat bastards who think you could play fullback, you can't, fullbacks are strong, fast and rugged, not flabby, fatty boombalatty's.  Sad to see an end of an era, but excited to see what's next.  Develin's favorite moment by the way, paving the way for Sony Michel scoring the walk off touchdown in Super Bowl 53.  Can't respect that, you gotta big dump in your pants.


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