Sad news, Reche Caldwell was murdered over the weekend

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The Patriots leading receiver from 2006 was killed in his front yard on Saturday.  Reche Caldwell had the misfortune of playing for the Patriots during a rebuild year.  Funny thing is, they made it to the AFC Championship anyway.  Caldwell had his best season in the NFL that year with 61 receptions for 760 yards and 4 TD's.  He was by all accounts, a good dude.  Caldwell gave an interview in 2016 to ESPN recounting his bad stint as a criminal.  While serving a 27 month prison sentence, it appeared that Caldwell could only laugh at himself after trying to run a gambling ring that was busted in no time only to follow that up with accepting a package of Molly from China.  His mother, Deborah Caldwell, summed it up best: "Good lord that boy was a bad criminal, and thank Jesus for that."

From everything I read, it seems like Reche cared more about other people than he did for himself.  He's described as always making people smile, and just going above and beyond to help friends in need or to volunteer his time to help young people.  Man, 41 is just way too young.  There's far too much shit going on right now for me to add any of my dumb feedback, but one thing I will always remember, those crazy ass eyes Reche had.  He stood out for that.  It breaks my heart that dropped passes in the 06 AFC Championship haunted him for years beyond.  I hope you're at peace Reche, and my love goes to your family.  Rest in peace my friend.

Can't this year fucking end already?  
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