Greatest moments in Patriots Super Bowl history

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In sports, there are days to remember, days of victory, wonderful moments, and days of shocking losses and defeats. These moments help sportsmen and women boost their morale and guide them on what they did right, as well as what they should and shouldn't have done.

The Super Bowl is a notable event that has been a host to many wonderful teams and individual accomplishments, specifically for the Patriots’ team — winning six of their nine appearances in the competition since 2002, establishing a breathtaking feat that would be hard to match.

Since the inception of the major event, punters have placed bets on the possible outcomes of the Super Bowl matches, with bookmakers putting forth NFL Odds for the game.

Taking a look at the track records, highlights, and victories achieved by the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, here are moments that can be considered as some of the greatest in the competition’s history:

Patriots First Championship Win in Super Bowl 36

This victory came from Adam Vinatieri's kick – not so spectacular but trophy-winning. Compared to Adam's field goals before the match, the 48-yard winning goal wasn't as elaborate, but it delivered an unprecedented victory to the Patriots. Aside from this goal, there were other impeccable plays by the Patriots in the game, but Adam Vinatieri's kick meant victory for the team, and it was also the first time the Patriots would be winning the title.

Dont’a Hightower's Strip Sacking in the Comeback in Super Bowl 51

Trailing the Falcon's side with a goal difference of 23-3, Dont’a Hightower helped his side start and complete a comeback in the game, mounting immense pressure on Matt Ryan of the Falcon team. Dont'a was able to get a strip-sack from his opponent's quarterback, bringing in his teammate Alan Branch into play. This move gave the Patriots an upper hand and improved their morale into achieving the comeback feat.

Julian Edelman's Catch in Super Bowl 51

Dont’a Hightower's strip sacking wasn’t the only highlight of the Super Bowl 51. At a time in the game, the Patriots wanted a draw to settle scores, and with less than three minutes to the end of the match and 8 points down, they had no hope of hitting the mark. Julian Edelman's catch of the ball meant for Robert Alford sparked a tremendous turnaround, helping the Patriots secure the comeback.

The Interception by Stephon Gilmore – Super Bowl 53

Los Angeles Rams were looking to catch up with the Patriots, leading by a 10-3 goal difference. The Rams played nicely amongst themselves, putting on their best drive in the final moment of the game, only for Jared Goff to take an underthrown shot as he was duly under pressure. Stephon Gilmore capitalized on this mistake, making an interception that ensured the Patriots a victory in the event.

Brady-Branch 17 Yards Linkup in Super Bowl 38

After struggling defensively in the early stages of the tournament, the Patriots' side experienced a dramatic turnaround. Setting up a field goal for Adam Vinatieri with less than a minute to the end of the match, the offense players, including Brady, got possession of the ball with Deion Branch making a tough 17 yards catch of Carolina's side pass setting up the award-winning goal.

Rob Gronkowski 4th Quarter Lead Goal in Super Bowl 52

Constantly trailing in the 52nd edition of the Super Bowl event, the Patriots were always edging their opponents with late strikes and comebacks. The 33-32 comeback lead from a 9-22 drawdown was one of these occasions. With a four yards touchdown pass from legendary quarterback Brady, Rob Gronkowski delivered the much-needed lead in the game.

James White Touchdown – Super Bowl 51

Winning the coin toss before the overtime session of Super Bowl 51, they went into the pitch as they had in the last quarter with little to no enthusiasm. It wasn't until James White crossed the goal line that the excitement returned into the atmosphere. James White, a receiving back not popularly known for carries, sparked a tremendous run to secure one of the most notable comebacks in Super Bowl history.

Malcolm Butler's Interception – Super Bowl 49

With the Seahawks playing on the high, making an out-of-the-earth catch from a set up by Jermaine Kearse in the five yards box of the Patriots, the game was already marked up to go their way. There was no vibe or expectation from Pats’ supporters until a much-needed interception of Russel Wilson's pass by Malcolm Butler. This interception would then spark a turnaround that would clinch the 49th edition of the Super Bowl.

Final Notes

Other notable moments in the Patriots’ Super Bowl history include; Tony Franklin's 3-0 lead in Super Bowl 20 and Adam Vinatieri's late goal kick in Super Bowl 38. As the most successful team in the Super Bowl’s history, the Patriots boast of a host of interesting highlights, and their fans can only wish for even more in the coming years.