Bill Burr has Bill Belichick's back

The popular New England comedian Bill Burr was asked to weigh in on on the topic of the New England Patriots potentially replacing long time head coach Bill Belichick on the Rich Keefe show and had his parter in double B's back.

"He has eight rings. He has one more than [Tom] Brady. He shut down John Elway. I’m done talking about this.

The run and gun. Greatest show on turf. Won 3 [Super Bowls] with a 6th round draft pick, and then everybody then was calling Brady a systems quarterback. And then they win 3 more and all of a sudden Brady knows everything and Belichick doesn’t know anything."

"Everybody says that Pete Carroll screwed up rather than that was an unbelievable coaching job by Bill Belichick and his crew to have that defense ready for that play."

The Patriots record after their loss to Washington on Sunday now stands at 2-7.