53 Questions About the Pats - Part 2

Yesterday, we covered the first 10 of the Globe's 53 questions about the Pats. Today we'll cover questions 11-20:

11. What will Jabar Gaffney's role be? Same as it ever was, get open on third down and in the red zone and open things up for everyone else. And hopefully stay off Twitter.
12. What else can Matt Slater give? As the Globe says: "He caught one ball last year and had a Pro Bowl season for his special teams play. He played some spot duty at safety last season, too." Two catches, maybe? Let's hope he gives less than spot duty at safety, or something has gone wrong.
13. How will Nate Solder handle the pressure of protecting Tom Brady full-time? The answer to this one better be "really well" or there could be some trouble in paradise.
14. Will Rob Gronkowski stay focused? Yikes. A talk radio question if there ever was one. A "headline grabbing summer?" Not really. Yeah, he'll be OK.
15. Will the Patriots hold onto or trade Brian Hoyer? This was #15? It is probably a question of when, but likely not this year. Ryan Mallette ain't the answer yet.
16. How will Ryan Mallett develop? Guess the answer to #15 changes if the answer is "Brady in 2001 compared to Brady in 2000. This one is rather high up on the list as well. Probably a good overall sign, no?
17. Will Mankins be healthy to start the season? That would be great. If he played in the Super Bowl on a torn ACL the guess is that he'll be ready with a presumably healthier knee.
18. With the recent additions of fullbacks Spencer Larsen and Tony Fiammetta, is the Patriots offense going to change? No. Well, maybe in the red zone or certain short yardage situations. Anyway, next question.
19. Will Aaron Hernandez be awarded with a long-term deal? That is, actually, a really good question. I'll say yes, since he was a 4th round pick and any extension offers are sure to be a big raise.
20. Will Dan Koppen and Dan Connolly really battle it out for the starting center position? Or is the money invested in Koppen (2 years, $6 million) make it a moot point? Yes, they will, and no, it doesn't. Pats will play the better player. The bigger question would be, do they cut Koppen if he's not the starter or keep a $3 milllion backup?

Questions 21-30 tomorrow ...