Two former Patriots fighting for roster spots in Buffalo

I always like reading the AFC East rival blogs to get a sense of how other teams are running. Its especially interesting when former Patriots come into the picture.

That's the case in this recent post on about their tight end battle in training camp.

[Dorin] Dickerson can add some interesting wrinkles lining up in the backfield and can be a sort of Aaron Hernandez-lite, which is why I think he makes the team.

Dickerson making the team means that the Bills will need a strong blocking TE to help Chandler. Lee Smith was one of my favorite blocking TEs coming out of Marshall two years ago. He was even drafted by the Patriots as an offensive tackle, so I think he can take that job from Caussin.

Both of these tight ends were on the Patriots last year.

Lee Smith was drafted by the Pats but started to be outshined by undrafted rookie and former Lacrosse player, Will Yeatman. Neither ended up making the team and the Patriots largely only carried two tight ends for most of the season.

Dickerson came into the picture in December when he was added to the Patriots practice squad.

It will be interesting to see if either tight end can make an impact in Buffalo. It also maybe shows how weak that position. Old be. Remember these players are fighting for a spot behind Scott Chandler, who's no Rob Gronkowski.