53 Questions About the Pats - Part 4

Yesterday was part three. Let's get right to part 4:

31. What will Ras-I Dowlings' comeback look like? No one really knows, and it's a key to the season. In fact, this one could rank higher on the list. He has to stay healthy, period.
32. Can Julian Edelman be an impact player if he doesn't get any catches again? Not sure he was an "impact" player last year, but sure he can have an impact, albeit a small one. Hey, one punt return for a TD is enough for me.
33. What will Dont'a Hightower bring to the table? Versatility is the buzz word with him, and that no doubt helps. Some big plays would as well.
34. Where does Dane Fletcher fit in with a healthy LB group? Good question ... likely someone that can come in on passing downs. Not sure he is someone you want to see a lot of.
35. Is Bobby Carpenter anything more than a backup? Maybe, maybe not. You never know with this team. If anyone will carve out a role, it's Belichick, but it's also up to the player.
36. Can Chandler Jones compete on Day 1? Yes, in what might be the worst question thus far. of courser he'll "compete."
37. How many D-Lineman to the Pats need? Last year they carried 10, that should work, maybe a couple more to prepare for inevitable injuries.
38. How many times will Ross Ventrone be cut and signed? Not as many as last year. Another dumb question, really.
39. Is Sergio Brown on the bubble? Yep. Next question ...
40. Will Devin McCourty venture to safety? A poorly worded question, but sure, expect to see him some in certain situations.
41. Will Devin McCourty regain his rookie form? Had to end on this one since it dovetails perfectly with the previous question. We better hope he does.