After Finding His Johnson, Chad Speaks His Mind

It was only a matter of time before Chad Johnson said something derogatory about the Patriots. Did anyone really think this egomaniac was just going to accept his decline with grace and humility? Nope. According to Chad Och...errr...Johnson, he hasn't actually declined at all. It was all Bill Belichick's fault for believing in him and asking him not to run his mouth constantly like a buffoon.

Whatever. Have fun losing a ton of games this year. Also, I must say that if you could actually read a playbook you might have been semi-productive last year because of the supporting cast. The problem is twofold though, first fold is that you can't read a playbook. Second fold is that you are no longer faster than anybody so your kindergarten grasp of shapes, numbers, and words has caught up to you. Your ignorance continues to glitter more stupendously than your ridiculous front grill piece. Good riddance.