Everyone needs to calm down on Wes Welker

If you're a Patriots season ticket holder or have read any NFL news, you likely know by now that Wes Welker is not featured on any of the Patriots season tickets. While this was not even mentioned in the ESPNBoston post that brought this to everyone's attention, the rest of the local media lit up about the possibilities of what this could mean. Were the Patriots snubbing Welker because of the Superbowl drop or were they implying that he wouldn't be with the team much longer?

The answer of course turned out to be simply that the tickets were printed before Welker signed his tender.

However, the outcry that came before this truth was revealed just seemed ridiculous. Why would the Patriots send any hint about Welker via season ticket image? The fact is that its an example of how Welker's standing with the Patriots has changed.

There are a minority of fans out there that still blame Welker for that super bowl loss. That coupled with the contract dispute and suddenly its a believable story line that the Patriots are intentionally snubbing Welker. If you ask me, everyone needs to calm down. Hasn't the hate gone too far?