It's time to close the book on Chad Ochocinco, I mean Johnson

Two nights ago, while sitting in a hotel room at Patriot Place, a "Breaking News" banner flashed across the bottom of the television screen while watching a Boston news station.

Expecting a local or national story of immediate importance to follow, I was surprised to see footage of Chad Johnson at Dolphins' training camp while news of his arrest rolled across the screen.

The world now knows all about Johnson's week. Johnson's wife, Evelyn Lozada, claims Johnson head-butted her. The Miami Dolphins' receiver was arrested on domestic battery charges. He was released from prison on bond yesterday and was cut by Miami shortly thereafter.

Johnson is a national celebrity with quite a following, but my question is this? Why is a Boston news channel treating Johnson's arrest like it is news of national prominence? Cut short a segment and designate a good chunk of your news program for what? News that a former Patriot was arrested in Florida?

I understand that Johnson was with the Patriots last season and was only cut from the team this spring. I understand he is not the average NFL wide receiver, but he is no longer a member of the New England Patriots. He doesn't even have the same name anymore.

During his short stay in Foxboro, Johnson was anything but successful. He didn't understand how to read the playbook, barely found his way on the field, and when he did, as evidenced by his drop at Buffalo, Johnson dropped just as many touchdown passes in his lone season as a Patriot than he caught. Did news stations drop everything when Julian Edelman was arrested in Nov. of 2011? And he was a member of the Patriots when the incident took place.

Johnson is a has-been. The news of his arrest and release may have pertained to Patriots Nation because he is a former Patriot and was playing for an AFC East foe, but it is time to totally move on from Chad Johnson. New England: I think the book on Mad Chad needs to be officially closed.

Perhaps the rest of the NFL will close the book on him as well.

There is no reason to worry about Johnson anymore. He is long gone. Whatever happens from here on out, let Miami or whatever team is dumb enough to take a chance on him worry about it.

Besides there are far more important stories of national prominence.

Did you hear the Seahawks signed Terrell Owens last week?