Pats bring back key players

Mike Reiss had some observations about the status of some key Patriots in yesterdays workouts. Gronk was going lightly with the rehabbing players, despite playing against the Saints, and Brandon Spikes returned to bring that intensity back to the front seven.

Possibly the best possible news is that Logan Mankins finally put on some pads and worked into practice. The return of Logan Mankins is crucial.

I do firmly believe that if the Patriots have a healthy Mankins starting on week one that the offensive line will fall in place nicely. I have been fretting about the OLine here on NEPatriotslife since the first week I started writing here. Logan Mankins is the key to easing those concerns.

Hopefully he comes off the PUP list and can start to participate in full action before the last preseason game. That will give the All-Pro guard some solid pratice and game time before the Pats kickoff for real in Tennessee on September 9th.