Premature Predictions For New England: Part Two

So, I have the Patriots coming back to America from London to head into the bye week 6-2, with defeats in Baltimore and Seattle. Coming into the home stretch, how will the Pats do against a couple of Super Bowl rivals, the next Peyton Manning, and Tim Tebow... again.

Week 10 - vs Buffalo: A chance for revenge for the Bills after the Patriots got a win in Buffalo in week four. However, they won't be able to exact this revenge, and the Pats will get their first sweep of a division rival. Once again, the Patriots can take advantage of a mid/low level offense and will put up points in Gillette.

Prediction: BUF 17 - 31 NE

Week 11 - vs Indianapolis: This one will be interesting, mainly as by week 11, we'll have a clearer indication as to just how good Andrew Luck is. No matter how good he is, he is still on a pretty poor team, and this one will be a win for the Pats, as the Colts defense is still a bit of a mess, and the only real weapon  on the offense is an ageing Reggie Wayne. However, Luck could make this one more interesting than it should be. But the next Peyton will experience a feeling number 18 felt a lot - leaving Foxborough defeated.

Prediction: IND 20 - 35 NE

Week 12 - @ Jets: Thanksgiving. Primetime. Pats @ Jets. Doesn't get much bigger than this. Oh wait, who's backing up Mark Sanchez? The hype for this one might be lower after a crushing Week 7 loss for New York, but Rex Ryan will do his best to scupper New England's chances at the play-offs. However, just like the first encounter, the Patriots will have the Jets' number and walk away with a much deserved holiday win. When your best receiver is Antonio Cromartie, what else do you expect?

Prediction: NE 27 - 17 NYJ

Week 13 - @ Miami: If I'd have done this a few weeks ago, I would've been talking about the return of Chad Johnson. However, times change. Maybe he'll be on a different NFL roster. I doubt it. Anyway, At this stage of the season, I don't know who will be under center for the Dolphins. It could be any three of David Garrard, Matt Moore, or Ryan Tannehill. My money is on Tannehill, as I think Miami will struggle and hand the reigns to their 8th overall pick. It will all be irrelevant though, as the Dolphins don't pose a threat to New England. I can only think of Reggie Bush and Cameron Wake who are stand out players on the roster, and New England get ready for a tough two weeks with a comfortable win.

Prediction: NE 31 - 21 MIA

Week 14 - vs Houston: A tough Monday Night encounter for New England. The Texans are clear favorites in the AFC South and are a lot of peoples Super Bowl pick from the AFC. With a fully fit Andre Johnson, this team could really threaten the Patriots. However, their offseason losses of Demeco Ryans and Mario Williams, I feel the Patriots can put points on the Texans, enough to grab a win over a potential play-off opponent.

Prediction: HOU 20 - 24 NE

Week 15 - vs San Francisco: A second prime-time game running, this time Sunday night against one of the best teams in the NFC and, again, a lot of peoples pick for the Super Bowl, the 49ers. I put these guys in our toughest oppenents list this year, with a coveted defense led by Patrick Willis, and an offense with weapons that Alex Smith can throw to. With a short week and a second tough opponent in a row, the Pats 7 game win streak will come to an end.

Prediction: SF 24 - 17 NE

Week 16 - @ Jacksonville: The last road game of the regular season should be a comfortable win. Even with Maurice Jones-Drew at running back, the Jaguars are a very weak team that will struggle for years to come, and the Patriots will leave Florida winners.

Prediction: NE 31 - 14 JAX

Week 17 - vs Miami: The regular season finale, and not much to add from the first encounter. The Patriots will have their playoff place secure, the Dolphins will have nothing to play for. We might be playing for seeding at this stage, but even if we're not, this will still be a comfortable win to take into the post-season.

Prediction: MIA 17 - 28 NE

So, according to my predictions, the Patriots will finish 2012 at 13-3, enough to win the division, and probably enough to win the AFC number one seed, number two at worse. Do you agree? Will we do better/worse? Let us know your thoughts!