Should the Patriots sign Olympian Jeff Demps?

Jeff Demps was a running back at Florida, he went undrafted after he told NFL teams that he wanted to focus on track for the Olympics. He won silver in the 400-meter relay and is now garnering the interest of many NFL teams. The Jets are said to be among the teams interested but there is also a lot of speculation that the Patriots could be interested as well. Manly because it would make a lot of sense for them.

The Patriots have had plenty of weaknesses over the past couple of years (namely pass defense) but their inability to be effective on kick returns has really hurt them in certain situations - backing Brady and the Patriots offense against their own endzone on several occasions.

"We didn't return [kicks] very well in any conditions at any time," said Bill Belichick earlier today. "And still haven't based on the New Orleans game."

What Demps brings to a team is pretty obvious based on his Olympic sport. If the Patriots brought him on it would be to help in that one glaring area - the return game.

“I think it’s pretty well-documented," said Belichick speaking of Demps. "He’s a running back. He’s returned kicks. He’s fast.”