Should Julian Edelman Replace Welker?

We know Wes Welker is going to be the guy in the slot position in 2012-2013, but Julian Edelman is next in line.

Julian Edelman drew many comparisons to Wes Welker in his rookie year back in 2009. He caught 37 passes for 359 yards and one touchdown. But since then, the former quarterback from Kent State has racked up only 11 catches. With only 11 catches, he couldn't even be considered a role player as a wide receiver. But in his career, he has been a role player for the team in general. Julian has been great when needed as punt returner, and even played in the secondary last year.

Their play styles are similar, but everything about them is fairly similar. Wes Welker went undrafted, while Julian Edelman was drafted in the 7th round. Their body types are almost identical to the human eye out on the football field, but Edelman has an inch on Welker, and almost 15 pounds. Though Julian has a little more meat on him, he is actually faster. Wes Welker's 40-time is 4.65 seconds while Julian Edelman runs his in just 4.52 seconds.

I can talk all I want about physical stats and speed, but producing what Wes has will be no easy task, and for all I know, Julian could be given a chance and not get the job done. But at 26, he is coming into his prime, and is said to be having a great training camp.

Julian Edelman’s strong camp continued, and he was razor sharp in his footwork to beat defenders both at the line of scrimmage and at the top of his routes. 

The Pats are going to be searching for the guy to replace the 31 year old Welker, and Edelman could definitely fill that role if he is up for the challenge.