Training Camp is Torture

Tom Brady is with me, are you with me?

I don't know about you, but I hate training camp. That's right. Hate it. Speculate, pontificate, it fuels the fire for my hate.

Actually, it is really just the chomping at the bit for answers and actual games that has me drinking haterade. Leading up to training camp I (as I suspect many of our esteemed readers are) am starved for football. Just give me any football I say. But as soon as camp opens I get greedy. I want full pads. Game unis and full competition. I want to watch the Pats shred the vaunted (allegedly) Jets defense. I want it so bad that I can hardly focus on the little details that make training camp interesting.

I am not one for making lots of predictions. I think the bold predictions, and lead-pipe-lock types are just phonies grasping for a gimmick. But I have to say that it is enormously refreshing to see Chandler Jones blow by Nate Solder. Followed by watching Nate Solder lock down Chandler Jones. Steel sharpens steel and it appears the Pats have a couple of katanas in the making with these two top picks.

I know training camp is necessary, but I say enough camping already! Lets get to the part where the Pats drop that righteous hammer on the AFC East pions that would call themselves rivals. I want to watch the dominance and I want it now! Who's with me!?