The NFL will announce a fine for New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick later Wednesday, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. Belichick grabbed an official shortly after the Baltimore Ravens kicked a game-winning field goal Sunday that passed over the top of the right upright.

The Redskins' Kyle Shanahan was reportedly fined $25,000 - no word on what Belichick's fine total will be.

The good news is that it's not a suspension, which honestly would've been completely ridiculous.

I get that he touched a ref, but it wasn't like he pushed him or did anything aggressive. He was just trying to get the ref's attention because he thought that the Ravens kicked miss (which it looks like it did)

The NFL is getting so sensitive about protecting it's replacement officials. Even if they fine the coaches for "being mean" to the referees, it's not going to stop the mass hysteria that has only been getting louder since Week 1. Especially after the debacle Monday night.

Let's hope the NFL uses this money just to pay the normal refs and put an end to this whole fiasco.

Michael Saver 9/26/2012 09:46:00 AM Edit

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