If you think the NFL gives two shits about your feelings on the replacement officials, you are sorely mistaken.

So, last night was another travesty against the reputation of the NFL. Everyone that lost money on the game last night (me) deserves to be refunded by their bookie (in my dreams). All the talking heads are saying that this is finally the tipping point and the silver lining of last night is that the new refs will come back. Uh, yeah...keep telling yourself that. The NFL doesn't care. As Steve Young so eloquently put it, "The NFL is inelastic to demand." Inelastic, for those of you that are unaware is: An economic term used to describe the situation in which the supply and demand for a good are unaffected when the price of that good or service changes. So, basically, no matter what type of product we have, and how much shittier it gets, the demand will not change. And this couldn't be more true. I am still going to watch every game, you are going to watch every game, it doesn't matter. The NFL DOESN'T CARE. They are breaking this referee's union, no matter the cost to the game. The players have a no-strike clause in the CBA, so they can't even do anything. It is all in the owners' hands, and they are not breaking on this pension thing. The only way this ends is with them breaking the union, or the referees seriously submitting to the owners will, and accepting the shitty offer they are getting. Talking heads and journalists and sports talk radio hosts can talk all they want about how this needs to change, but its not going to.

So then, this fucking official press release comes out and it's a fucking joke. Basically trying to explain that they did everything right. Yeah, fucking right you did everything right. Bullshit. Its just horseshit. They do not care. Again, they do not care. As Bert Breer puts it....

PS. If you ask me to boycott, go fuck yourself. I am watching every game like I always do, so what if it makes me a sucker.

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CultOfBelichick 9/25/2012 12:59:00 PM Edit

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