Cardinals Defensive Coordinator is an idiot

Horton has shared with the Doug & Wolf Show on Arizona Sports 620 that the Pats and Belichick had a tell in Week Two. Before tight end Aaron Hernandez was injured, the Patriots ran the ball whenever Hernandez lined up tight to the offensive line. After Hernandez was injured, it became more simple — the Pats ran the ball whenever quarterback Tom Brady lined up under center, and they passed the ball whenever Brady lined up in shotgun formation.

The end result is that the Cardinals were able to confuse Brady. “I heard through Jay Feely that he talked to Tom Brady after the game and Tom said, ‘I have no idea what you guys are doing,’ and so it did work,” Horton said.

So the Patriots ran more from under center than they did in shotgun. Guess what else? The sky is blue, grass is green yadda yadda yadda.

Every team in the NFL runs more when the QB is under center than in shotgun. Did he just realize that?

You want to know the reason why the Cardinals stopped the Patriots defense? They have good players, and they played well. The Patriots played poorly. It's as simple as that.

If having a good defensive game plan is as simple as figuring out such blatantly obvious tendencies then please, some NFL team, please hire me. I have awesome tips for you such as when a fullback is in the game the team will probably run, or that when they have three or more receivers on the field they might pass. Also, when the punter comes on the field, a team will usually punt.

H/T to GhostRat in the shoutbox for the find