Does Robert Kraft deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?

In case you haven't heard, Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been announced as a nominee to enter the 2013 Hall of Fame class.

The question is, does he deserve it? My answer, and I'll admit my bias, is yes. I'm not sure how Kraft is viewed nationally but he's loved in New England.

He single handedly kept the team in New England and resurrected it from decades of losing. The Patriots have been to six Super Bowls with Kraft as owner. He hired perhaps the greatest coach in NFL history, Bill Belichick, who drafted maybe the greatest quarterback in NFL history, Tom Brady. His one mistake was probably letting Curtis Martin go to the Jets.

Kraft also was an instrumental part of resolving the NFL lockout last year. He's probably riding a bit of that momentum with this nomination.

You can make the case that Kraft's work with the Patriots has significantly impacted the history of the NFL. I know he's just an owner, but I do think he's probably hall of fame worthy. If you're going to tell the story of the Patriots rise to prominence in Canton, you can't do it without Robert Kraft.

Right now there are 25 names on the list, in January that will be needled down to 15. Drew Bledsoe, Bill Parcells and Ben Coates are a few of the Patriots related names that highlight the list.