Julian Edelman - Why He's the Starter

So, all the talk this week has been centering around Welker, and how "the Patriots are screwing him to ruin his market value!" Ugh. I can't take any more of this. So, without further adieu, here are four reasons why Edelman is starting over Welker. As always follow me @CultOfBelichick

-Welker behind after missing a week of training camp. Not sure if you have seen this talk, but it is out there. This seems to be the biggest thing that people are missing. He missed that week of camp in Tampa with a death in the family. He has said he needed more reps in preseason. What veteran player, tenured starter, says that when they are ready to play? Not a single one. So, just that little piece should give you some info on the fact that even Welker doesn't think he is ready. So, as Welker gets further into gameshape, I could see him making a run at Edelman's starting spot.

-Offseason Work. Welker spent the entire offseason in Colorado with his fiance-turned-wife. Edelman meanwhile, trailed Brady like a drug sniffing dog does Sam Hurd. BOOM Roasted. This is invaluable as it has elevated him into the same category as Welker as far as rapport with Brady. Yes, Welker has many years with Brady, but it's a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately world. They have to practice continually to keep that chemistry up, and Welker basically took everything off until it became mandatory. So, Edelman is months ahead of Welker in his preparation and continuity with Tommy B.

-Better outside receiver. Personally, I think this is probably the biggest thing that is going overlooked. Edelman has the ability to play some outside WR. This is something that Welker really does not do. With their base offense being 1RB 2WR 2TE, you are in general going to want both of those WRs to be able to play outside. You want them to play on the outside because you already have those two TEs running patterns on the inside, and you want guys on the outside that can keep defenses honest and not allow them to focus everything on the inside of the field. So, since you want someone that can play outside in those sets, you are more likely to see Edelman than you are Welker. There will be some 2WR 2TE sets that you will see Welker in, but in sets where the 2nd WR is to be on the outside, I think you will see Edelman in the majority of these scenarios.

-Blocking. This has to be one of the most overrated story lines as to why Edelman is playing. He is a better blocker, but only marginally, and this isn't a huge factor as to why he is playing. This just seems like a reach to me.

Now, this is all moot for the time being as we are likely about to see a lot more 3WR sets now that Hernandez is out. We will revisit this once he comes back and see if Edeleman is still starting then.