Squashing the Welker conspiracies

We've heard plenty of ridiculous theories as to why Welker isn't playing every snap anymore. At this point the story is way overblown. I'm sick and tired of hearing about it. So now I'm writing about it.

Here are some myths that have caused the exceedingly stupid theories.

Myth #1- Welker gets less playing time than Edelman now: Through two weeks, Welker has eight more snaps than Edelman. He also has eight catches for 109 yards while Edelman has six for 57. His 16 targets are literally double Edelman's.

Myth #2- Welker can't be productive with less snaps: He played far less snaps than usual in Week 2, even less than Edelman, and he still had five catches for 95 yards. What more do you want from the guy? Are you not satisfied unless he has double digit catches in every single game?

Myth #3- Julian Edelman sucks: Why can't the fact that Edelman has earned playing time ever be considered? Everyone always jumps to conclusions about this being some sort of punishment for Welker. Listen, Welker missed time in training camp, he wasn't having his greatest camp anyway and meanwhile Edelman had a productive camp. Edelman also brings some things to the table that Welker doesn't. So, Edelman had a good camp, he's improved every year and the Patriots want to give him a chance. There's nothing wrong with that. Can Welker and Edelman co-exist? Absolutely.

Myth #4- Welker should be playing all the snaps, all the time: This is the most stupid one of all. People are thinking that Welker needs to be playing all the time because he did last year, when he played 89.2% of the snaps. You know why Welker had all that playing time last year? They didn't have anyone else because Chad Ochocinco sucked so much, as Mike Reiss brings up.You think if Ochocinco is actually a good player Welker plays so much last year? Better yet, you think people are as angry as they are now if he's not playing 89% of the snaps last year? I don't think so.


Guess what else? The Ravens are a good defense. They usually keep Welker's numbers down. If he doesn't have a big game Sunday. Don't blame the snaps.