Are The Patriots Too Reliant on the Arm of Tom Brady?

Are the Patriots wins and losses still determined by how productive Tom Brady is under center this season?

Large in part, yes if Brady has a shit game then things don't look good for us. But consider this:

  • The Patriots are now carrying the 5th best rushing offense in the NFL, averaging about 149 yards per game between Ridley, Vereen, Woodhead, and Bolden. In comparison to the past 3 seasons, that's an increase of about 30 yards per game. Nothing huge, but on the field that can make or break a game. Allows for more clock control, thats 3 extra first downs, that's forcing teams to respect the run and allows for setting up the play action. 
  • In three of the four wins the Patriots have this season, New England has had the leading overall rusher between the two teams on the field come the final whistle.
  • In games where Brady has thrown the ball a lot (in excess of 40 times per game), the Patriots are now 1-3.
  • In the 3 losses this year against Arizona, Baltimore, and Seattle, Brady threw for 297, 319, and 388 yards respectively (remember all over 40 passing attempts). The rushing game produced 87, 77, and 90 yards respectively. However, the run game never reached 30 attempts (except for against Baltimore). 
However, come crunch time I want the ball in Brady's hands. He has developed a reputation with Welker, Hernandez, and Gronk that is like reading a book for him. They're all on the same page all the time. 

Just a little food for thought. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below or come sexually harass me on Twitter @I_Am_Edlund.