Patriots lead the league in drops

ESPN - AFC East Blog
On the surface, the New England Patriots are doing extremely well offensively. They have the No. 1 offense in the NFL and are top five in both rushing and passing.

New England is tops in the league with 18 drops in seven games, according to ESPN Stats & Information. The drops are spread across the board. Skill players like tight end Rob Gronkowski (four) and receivers Brandon Lloyd (five) and Wes Welker (four) have all contributed.

The drops aren’t very noticeable when New England is scoring a league-high 31 points per game. The Patriots are marching up and down the field with their up-tempo offense and that masks a lot of mistakes.

New England’s offense doesn’t have a lot of weaknesses, but this clearly is one of them. The good news is drops are correctable with more focus and concentration by New England’s tight ends, receivers and running backs.

But hey, the defense is the only issue, right?

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