Last season, Ridley was put in mothballs after fumbling twice (one lost) late in the year. Asked how he would handle Ridley's playing time going forward this season, Belichick said, "There's nothing more important than possession of the ball. We can't afford to lose it, it's as simple as that."

What that means for Sunday's game in Seattle, we'll have to wait and see. But Belichick stressed the amount of time the team spends working on making sure the ball isn't dropped by anyone anytime.

"We work on ball security with every player that handles the ball. Every week. Every day," said Belichick. "That includes everybody that touches the ball. Center. Quarterback. Running backs, receivers, punters, kickers, snappers, returners, defenders when they get it if they happen to get it on a turnover. We talk and work on ball security every day with everybody. Everybody who handles it, it's important. It's the highest priority with everybody."

I know you might be sick of hearing this, but it's going to be a big story revolving around the Patriots.

I'll say one thing. I don't think this should effect Ridley's playing time at all. He has proved that her has earned the snaps, and he's shown how dynamic of a playmaker is. I would even say that at this point in the young season, he's proven that he is an essential and integral part of this offense.

However, one thing that is an undeniable fact and that is backed up by the above quotes, Bill Belichick hates fumbles. And while technically Ridley only has one fumble all year, you can't forget that Belichick counts the fumbles that weren't technically fumbles too. Ridley fumbled out of bounds in Buffalo and he also fumbled when he passed the goal line yesterday too. That's not to count the other times the ball has come loose at the end of a play that Belichick has probably seen and taken note of.

I really really hope that Ridley isn't severely punished for this. This team needs him to be running the way he has been, and not Danny Woodhead. However, we saw Ridley put the ball on the ground towards the end of last year, and he was benched.

This will be one of the biggest things to watch in Sunday's game at Seattle - a very stout defense.

Michael Saver 10/08/2012 06:07:00 PM Edit

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