We will miss you Kevin Faulk

If you get your picture next to 2pac in my apartment that means you are pretty special to me
Kevin Faulk retires tomorrow after 13 years with the Patriots. He finishes his career as the team’s all-time leader in all-purpose yards (12,349), return yards (5,041) and kick return yards (4,098).He was and is my favorite NFL player ever.

Casual football fans may not know Kevin Faulk, and those that do probably don't realize how good he was.  Whenever there was a third down that needed to be converted Faulk would come through. When you look up dependable in the dictionary it should have Kevin Faulk's picture. The guy was just solid year after year.  Not only was he a great player, but he never showed off which is refreshing in this day and age. He also never had any off field issues( none substantial at least). He was the model teammate and person.

Since I started playing fantasy football my team name has always been the Kevin Faulk Fan club. I wear his jersey proudly every Sunday and always make sure his name is brought up when the discussions of all time great Patriot players is talked about.  I hope he can remain in the Patriots organization in some aspect, but if not, he will forever remain in my heart. We will miss you Kevin Faulk. You are a true Patriot.