Bills' Kyle Williams fined for hit on Brady, questions it

"I don’t know," Williams said when asked what he's supposed to do on a play like that. "Other than let him throw the ball, I don’t know. I could understand if I dove at him head first and hit him, or hit him behind the legs and dove at him with my shoulder. But I hit him with my arm and I get a $15 thousand-dollar fine for hitting him with the ball. I don’t get it."

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I'm not sure what Kyle Williams is really thinking trying to question this call. Yes, you didn't hit Brady in the head but there's many other ways to rough the passer today. This hit looked remarkably similar to the one Bernard Pollard laid to Brady that knocked him out of for the season in 2008.

When you're on the ground, you can't go for a Quarterback's knees. The shot up above shows that's exactly what he did.

Like it or not, I'm in favor of the NFL guarding Quarterbacks. In this passing league, they are entire franchises. If Brady goes down, the Patriots season changes dramatically. If Joe Flacco goes down, same for Baltimore. It's the same for nearly every team in the league. There's too much money at stake, the position is too important. You have to protect these guys.