BenJarvus Green-Ellis has a case of the fumbles

Cincinnati Enquirer
It’s very uncharacteristic of him. It’s not in his history. It’s not in his DNA. But sometimes they happen,” offensive coordinator Jay Gruden said. “Obviously coach (Jim) Anderson’s on him, we’re on him, he’s on himself and hopefully it doesn’t continue. It can’t continue because obviously he’s a feature back. It can’t continue or he won’t be a feature back.”

I'm not sure how many Patriots fans follow the Bengals, I'm sure there's about 0. However, there's some bad news for our former number one back, BenJarvus Green-Ellis aka the Law Firm.

That guy that had never fumbled in his entire NFL career. Now he's fumbled three times in two games with the Bengals. His first three fumbles in an NFL uniform.

I always liked Law Firm when he was in New England. He was a very humble guy who came from humble beginnings as an undrafted free-agent who worked his way up the roster. He was a hard runner, but not a very fast one. If a play was designed to get five yards, he'd get you five - seven max. I loved rooting for the Law Firm, but I wasn't one of the fans that were that bummed out to see him go elsewhere in free agency.

Other than his ability to just run over guys, his best trait was that he was fumble proof. It's sad that that has changed in Cincinnati and that he even has a shot at losing his starting job if it continues.

I'm sure it must have just gotten into his head after that first one. Even though I'm not a Bengals fan, I'll root for Law Firm to turn it around.

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