Bobby Carpenter is back, what's this mean for Dont'a Hightower?
The New England Patriots are expected to re-sign linebacker Bobby Carpenter this week, according to a Comcast SportsNet New England report.

Hightower sustained a hamstring injury early on in the game against the Bills. Hamstring injuries aren't usually too serious, but they can be a nagging thing. We'll have to watch how much Hightower practices this week but I'd say it's possible he sits out the Denver game.

So, the Carpenter move makes a lot of sense. It was very surprising to see him get cut as all of the Patriots beat writers had him making the final roster. He'll be a solid addition and will be much better suited to fill in for Hightower than Tracy White. Remember when White had to play linebacker minutes last year and he gave up that cheap touchdown to Jake Ballard at the end of the Giants game? Yeah, we're better off with that guy sticking to special teams.

Anyway, the possibility of facing Peyton Manning with a less than 100% defense doesn't sound too great. Hightower is a difference maker.