Hot Button Questions

So today, we are going to get into three hot button issues facing the Patriots currently. As always, follow me @CultOfBelichick

-Tavon Wilson or Steve Gregory, who should get more snaps? So, I touched on this a little bit yesterday here, but I think this topic needs to be taken into a little more detail. So far his snap count looks like this, starting from Week 1: 42 (rotation with all three), 18 (dime-only), 12 (dime-only), 34 (rotation with just Gregory). So, they started off the year rotating all three of them, with even Chung getting some snaps off. Then, Week 2, they come back out and give him pretty much just dime snaps, and did the same again in Week 3. Finally, this past week, they got him back in there in some base defense and some nickel. I really cannot think of a play where he was beaten badly yet this year. He always has his nose around the ball, and is great at coming up with turnovers. He is a rookie, so there will be some growing pains, but I think now is the time to put him in Gregory's spot and ride or die with him. If you can get him up to speed, and playing solidly, that can do a lot to shore up the back end there.

-One year. Same money. Chandler Jones or Mario Williams? Remember everyone this summer being pissed at the Patriots for being too "cheap" (looking at Michael Felger even though I didn't listen to him at that time, I know without knowing that he took this as an opportunity to trash the Patriots)? I do. I was against it at the time as I didn't think he was worth anything near what he was going to get. In general, when a team doesn't even try to resign one of their perceived "best players" and their fans aren't even mad he is leaving, that should raise a shitton of red flags (hellllooooooo John Lackey.) He did absolutely nothing against the Patriots last week, and as Michael Lombardi likes to say, he is a "sacker" not a pressure guy. Those pressure guys are way more valuable. On top of that, Chandler Jones is beasting this year and looking like a new JPP. Everyone still want to second guess Belichick? Didn't think so

-Can Brandon Bolden be the 3rd down back? So, one of the weaknesses on offense had been the lack of a productive third down back. Danny Woodhead has regressed, and hasn't shown the same type of elusiveness he had in the past. Then, BOOM, Bolden burst onto the scene on Sunday with his 137 yard game and his IMPRESSIVE running style. I have heard a lot of people saying that he has great hands and can pick up the blitz. If this is the case, this could be the best news ever. Let's get this kid in the playbook and keep Danny Woodhead on the sidelines as much as possible. I am not sure if Bolden can assume Woodhead's responsibilities in the two minute drill, but if he can get there by the time the playoffs roll around, that would be a seemingly huge upgrade in the talent level on the field.