Confirmation that Wes Welker is gone next year?

Boston Herald:
New England Patriots [team stats] go-to guy Wes Welker must be pretty sure he’s moving on after this season. Because Wes has put his Back Bay condo on the market and, we hear, is not house-hunting for replacement digs anywhere within driving distance of Foxboro!

Word is Wes, who tied the knot with the lovely Anna Burns this past summer, has been renting a home in the ’burbs while he tries to unload his three-bedroom, 2 1⁄2-bath Commonwealth Avenue penthouse.

Hey, this could be reading too much into things, but if the guy is not looking for another house, he's probably planning on leaving. Logistics tells all!

Reporters like Greg Bedard have accepted it as a near fact that Welker is gone next year, especially considering how well he has played. The Patriots aren't going to franchise him for the amount of money that will cost, and Welker will get a big offer from another team.

The Patriots have shown that they don't want to pay an older slot receiver Calvin Johnson type money. I'm not sure why that would change after this season.

However, I think Welker has proved how integral a part he is of this offense. He might even be the team's MVP right now, though that's arugable. If he's demonstrated how huge his value is to this team, I think the Patriots might reconsider their stance from the summer.

Either way, it seems like Welker is set to move on.